Qiqihar Medical University (QMU) is a diverse learning community with students from almost every province and overseas countries. Our University is known for excellent teaching, high-level scientific research and high-quality service to the local and national communities of which enjoys great popularity across the country. It also allows graduates to meet the needs of society at a great extent.

Here, in Qiqihar, you will have the opportunity to truly define yourself and choose your own direction in life. Keeping alive the QMU spirit of self-improvement and selfless-devotion, our numerous graduates are now giving full play of the role of medical professionals and are making contributions to the development of medicine.

To achieve that, there are three tips for all of you. First of all, hold on to your consciousness and be responsible. As a medical student, building and maintaining medical ethics is top priority while responsibility is also critical. Secondly, be diligent and creative. We all know “Rome was not built in a day”. Success requires both creativity and huge workload. Lastly, be grateful and stay healthy. Always appreciate those who helped you and keep up a healthy lifestyle.

With conductive studying environments and professional educators, Qiqihar Medical University will build a ladder to success for the youth who dream of becoming modern medical practitioners, and your interest and enthusiasm are valued and appreciated.